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First review in English here!

The author Daniel Hess sent me a message on Instagram to give me a digital copy of the book to review, and I got very excited about that. Let’s go to my opinion of it ⬇️

The book is called Focus Puller, and it offers an insight into one man’s life over decades, as he faces questions about life: family, relationships, sexuality, commitment, health/well-being and our choices. The non-linear and flashback sequence highlights the value of the seemingly small experiences of life and also reflects the imperfect nature of life experience. The book invites readers to think about their own lives; whether the often observations of others “through a lens” is ever applied to the self and our own journey and life experiences.

Focus Puller’s synopsis

The book tells Ben’s story while he discovers love, work and many other things in his life.

He is a photographer trying to find enjoyment in his day-to-day life. While his long-time girlfriend, he lives with his long-time girlfriend, Lily. During the book, we discover what happens between them, so they fall apart.

The book may have explicit content (sex/violence), so it’s recommended for adult readers.

The story swings between past and present and has many narrators, which can be difficult to understand sometimes, but it gives you more information to get the full picture.

I recommend this to people who like books that follow a character during several events of their life.

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