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Author: Jeff Abbott

Sam Capra and his thirteen-year-old son, Daniel, are living a quiet life in Austin, Texas, from where Sam runs a collection of bars and nightclubs around the world for America’s most secret espionage agency, known as Section K.

But a shocking revelation will uproot everything that Sam has been trying to build: Markus Bolt is missing.

Having turned over allied agent names and military secrets to the Russians, Bolt fled to Moscow when he was discovered. But now a trusted source inside the Kremlin tells Section K that he has vanished, without a trace.

Sam is charged with watching Bolt’s abandoned American daughter, Amanda, and determining if she’s had any contact with her father. But as the search for Bolt grows ever more dangerous, Sam faces a rising threat born of long-ago secrets – one that could change his and his son’s lives forever.

Traitor’s Dance’s synopsis


The book belongs to a “series,” but you can read each book separately.

I loved getting to know Sam and Daniel’s story here and I will definitely want to read the other books starring the spy.

It’s a thriller that keeps you reading until the end and leaves many loose ends but closes all throughout the narrative.

I recommend for thriller fans espionage/investigative.

⭐Shoutout to Grand Central Publishing for giving me a complimentary copy. Thanks!

Interested in the book? Buy it here.


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